May 9, 2013

Easter Exchange - checking!!!

Pixie parcels are arriving to Annette, soon Gislene will receive some surprises too :) But.. why is there always a 'but'?? =/

Well, as I was saying..
... But Lentochka and Joey are still waiting for their exhanges! Ladies, have you received something?? Please, let us know!! Here or by email, tell us something please!

Updated list here!

On the good news :) I know there a few more packages travelling and Annette has already received pixie parcels from Angele, Valérie, Anne and Olli!! Thank you ladies!!! :D

Two things that I'd like to mention here...
... Annette also volunteered to send a Pixie gift to Gislene :)
... Anne Fraser, who hasn't participated in any exchange yet, volunteered to send pixie gifts too :)

Thank you all for your kindness and huge heart!

Lentochka received Noni's parcel! :)
Only one missing to close!!!


Stitching Noni said...

Lovely to hear about all the pixie dust flying around the world :)
Such great news to hear that the little Aussie parcel has arrived safe & sound in Russia :)

Valma said...

So kind from Anne to be a pixie without participating to the exchange
wow, so great
you're a sweetheart Anne
hope left parcels and pixie dust will soon arrive

Anne said...

I am humbled with your gratitude. I loved to send something to Annette! It's so sad when people don't fulfil their obligations in an exchange. Annette deserves all the pixie dust! :) Happy Day !!