January 3, 2013

SAL #4 - Suggestion

Here is my suggestion for our 2013's SAL! :)

I've been thinking about our SAL for sometime, let me explain the reasons why I picked this design:

1) Something else than cats - we've stiched cats for 2 SALs already
2) I realize not everyone can afford to buy Margaret Sherry kits, I had to pick something from a magazine (London Bus would be pretty fun to stitch :D)
3) This chart can be found on the book "The Best of Margaret Sherry"
4) Many people have Cross Stitcher magazines, can be found on issue 208 from the magazine too
5) There's nothing new on TWOCS or Cross Stitcher from the last couple of issues (different from cats and with a good size for a SAL)
6) This chart can be stitched in a full piece or separated, you can choose to make different finishes with each dog
7) It's sooo adorable and easy to please everyone =)

How we would stitch along the year:
In a different way from our last SAL, we wouldn't have to stitch a chart every 3 months. We would all stitch at our own rhythm (but making sure that we can complete until the end of the year, of course! hehehe) and we would compromise to post an update on the first week of each month. This way, everyone would have the freedom to stitch as much as your free time will allow you to :)
Posting our progress update every month, will motivate everyone to stitch a little more ;) And that's the point of making a SAL, stitch together and motivate our stitchers friends to go forward :)

What do you think? :)
Please, share your thoughts and opinions!!
In case you're wondering, it doesn't matter if you have finished the others SALs you've signed up or not, everyone can join!


Stitching Noni said...

Yes!! I love this design and have often thought about stitching it... I'm in :)
Great idea to stitch as everyone pleases either as the full design or lots of smaller pieces. I also like the idea of a monthly update.... Big thumbs up from me!

Annette said...

Such a cute design.
Mmmmm im doupting. I like it very much. But what to do with it!!! I let you know
thank you again fir this sweer Sal

Светик said...

excellent idea! I wanted to sew long ago these lovely puppies for the daughter! I am not sure that I will embroider everything, but at least a little.

Marcinha said...

Yes, im in, this is my 1º SAL on Margaret Sherry Lovers Blog.

Viver por Amor said...

I am in!!!:D
I love dogs (more than cats, i confess) so its perfect to me!!! :D


Francesca Violetta said...

yes yes yes! I love this design since I saw it on Cross stitcher, so I'm in! It's ok also to show our progress monthly.
hugs and congrats for the choice!

Heather said...

I would love to join in the Sal. also the exchanges! I did comment before but not sure why it didn't show so sorry if this goes on twice! How do I post on this blog? Thanks xx

Eleana Durán said...

Sign me up! Although I missed the last of SAL Cool Cats, I hope to finish this

Anne said...

First I have to find Issue 208 of Cross Stitcher, and then I will contact to let you know Nia, that I will join. If I cannot obtain, then I guess I will have to opt out of this SAL! Happy Stitching everyone!! :)

LittleStar07 said...

Yes, I love dog, and although I only can made little stitch during lunch time... Please count me in! Happy 2013 and this will be the good start.

Olimpia said...


Yes I want this desing, just I have to buy the book, because I haven´t, and agree to show our progress monthly.

Happy stitch girls!!!

Musicwoman said...

I am in. I do like this d0g.


Melly said...

Happy New Year to all!
From Romania - Melly!

Angel said...

It's a good choice to pick a design from the best of MS because the most of us have that magazine but i must admit i like cats more then dogs;-)
I gonna think about this one.

hugs Angele

amber said...

Been thinking about doing a reworked version of this design for my boyfriend. My final product won't use all the dogs, and will likely have them laid out in a different manner, with a different phrase. If that is okay, then consider me in!

Rita said...

oh my..i didn't saw this post till now lol I saw the final one first ehehe It's really me!
Anyway..i love puppies!!:D