January 5, 2013

Dog with French gifts!))

This funny dog trying very hard to have time for Christmas! She fled from France to Camille! And wanted to become an ornament for the Christmas tree!)

Brought the dog with a wonderful gift: there are a great card with a teddy bear and woolly yarn and embroidery floss and felt ornaments with ribbon, and another box with Christmas decorations for greeting cards and a great big lollipop!)

Camille,thank you very much for the Christmas miracles and unforgettable moments of joy.!!!))


Anne said...

Wonderful gifts lentochka! Happy New year too. Love the little dog stitch. Haven't seen that one before. Wonder where it's from, a mag? :)

Angel said...

Ahh, what a cute little dog!!
Very cute ornament!!

Valma said...

very, very cute ornament =)
and all those gifts...woooo
this exchange is again really amazing
very well done =)

Lija said...

Love the dog! I should probably start some ornaments for my tree at some stage this year ... hope everyone had fun with the exchange.

♥ Nia said...

I love how you added those buttons or the gifts :D hehehe so cute!! =)

Stitching Noni said...

What a lovely puppy - the buttons are gorgeous. Lovely gift :)