January 7, 2013

2013 SAL kick off !!!

I'm so glad to read your feedback for our SAL this year :D
Truly happy to see that everyone was happy with my suggestion!
We are going to have fuuuuuuuuun :D Let's start!!

Design to stitch:

Puppy love

Pattern can be found on...
... Cross Stitcher magazine, issue 208
... the book "The Best of Margaret Sherry"

How to stitch along the year:
. Stitch at your own rhythm but be sure you'll finish until the end of the year!
. Post your progress on the first week of each month (first posting will be on the first week of February) and add the label 'SAL#4' to your post
. You can choose if you want to stitch the full piece or only some of the dogs, feel free to do it as you please :)

I'll stitch the full piece and frame it, it will decorate my house's entryway, this lovable puppy will welcome everyone who enters the house ;)

Who's in:
. Nia
. Noni
. Svetlana
. Marcinha
. Verónica
. Heather
. Eleana
. Joey
. Olimpia
. Judith
. Amber
. Lija
. Rita
. Pelasia
. SocialSue
. Anne
. Deb Jochim
... who else wants to join us?? :)

Main rule:
Have fun!!! Enjoy your stitching :D


Lija said...

I would love to join in this SAL. I haven't decided if I want all of the puppies and whether I want them separately yet ... but there is plenty of time to decide that. But I do have the book with the chart, so no excuses. I guess I'm not allowed to join other previous SALs as they are officially ended right? Also I'll probably won't have any progress by beginning of February (as I have in my mind set what I'm stitching this month ... and hopefully will have a finish but not MS), but will begin in February. Hope this is okay. And thanks again or your wonderful organisation.

Heather said...

So looking forward to this SAL. I ordered my threads this morning. I normally use DMC but converting from Anchor to DMC always isn't the same (Ok excuse for buying stash!!

♥ Nia said...

Lija it's ok, you can stitch at your own rhythm. If there's one month that you can't stitch, you can make more progress on the next month. Stitch as you can, there's no goal for each month :)
Thank you for joining and stitching with us :D
You can also join previous SALs, it's ok. Some stitchers haven't finished those yet :p

Heather I've sent emails but, once again, I'm happy to have you with us too! :D Have fun sweetie!!

Rita said...

well, if there is no deadline to each dog or to what we decid to stitch, i guess i can join! I'm telling this because i'm still missing 3 cats from last SAL!! But i'm almost done with santa from SAL#2! lol Count me in please Nia :)

♥ Nia said...

Rita that's it sweetie! You have the whole year to stitch as you can, no goal set for each month :)
And no problem with the other SAL, you do as you can, it's ok! That's why I thought this way would be a good idea for everyone, we can set our own stitch time ;)
Have fun!! :D

pelasia said...

Can I join, please

♥ Nia said...

Pelasia of course! You're in :D
Have fun!!

Mónica Silva said...

Hello Nia!
Can you tell me if this salt is complicated to do?
Kisses and have a good weekend :)

Stitching Noni said...

Looking forward to getting started on this on :)

craftyrhi said...

I'd love to join I just need to find the book I've got it but where !!!! Is there any time limits I've a lot on already this year

Francesca Violetta said...

Hi Nia, please count me, I'm in this SAL!

♥ Nia said...

Monica I really have no idea! first time I will be stitching these dogs :)

Noni have fun!! :D

Craftrhi the only time limit is 2013! We will stitch along the year, you can stitch more or less each month, it's all up to you :)
Let me know!! :D

Francesca you're in sweetie! Have fun!! :D

bjgates said...

Hi, Im new here. I dont usually join any groups but after reading your posts you all sound like such fun and loving people so I wanted to be apart of this group. Im just learning x-stitch, not too good at it yet. I have been doing biscornu pincushions because they are easy.
I dont understand most of this stuff on how to post and all but Im trying. please if anyone can help me out email me..smoocheshorses@aol.com

Anne said...

Nia, now that I rec'd this cute pattern. It took a while to find an original..lol I would like to start this in May sometime. I will mark in my calendar so that I don;t forget to start and let you see pics of progress. :)

Deb Jochim said...

Ok Nia.... I am ready! I finally received issue 208 that I purchased recently on Ebay that has these adorable puppies and now I can join in too! I do like to stitch other things even while I am doing new designs of my own! Can you please add me to you list..Just show me as "Deb" and that is fine! Hugs to all!


yvaine said...

Hi my name is Yvaine.I a huge fan of Margaret Sherry crosstitch design.Can I join in the SAL?Tq

♥ Nia said...

Yvaine sure! You're very welcome to join us :D
Could you send me your email to msherrylovers@gmail.com, please? :) I'll be waiting!

Anne said...

Hi Nia: I started this June 1st if you could add m e to the list! Thanks!

Shami Immanuel said...

I want to participate in your sal.

Paula said...

Can I also join this sal please


♥ Nia said...

Paula no email or blog to contact you =(

Anne said...

LOL. well here it is January 2014! I have not completed my puppy, but it is in my 2014 WIPs that I will hopefully get done soon!, whew! Where did the year go??????