October 15, 2012

news update #19

Winter Exchange
We have 19 stitchers! :D I'm gathering all names and addresses but.. no partners list will be published :p Why? It's a secret partner! :D hehehehe Everyone likes that idea so we will keep it a secret (except for me! LOL someone needs to draw the names hehehe)

Later today, I'll send emails to everyone with your partner's name and address. Remember... keep it a secret ;)

Once I finished sending all emails, I'll publish a new post here on the blog ;)

New author's
Please, welcome to our group: Lentochka from Russia :)


Anne said...

Welcome Lentochka! I know you will enjoy this group, as we all love Margaret Sherry! I am just new too. It's wonderful to share our MS stitching!! :)

cucki said...

welcome Lentochka xx

Valma said...

welcome Lentochka :)
sure you'll have lot's of fun here

Tracey Walker said...

Could I join please then I would be number 20 and it would even out the exchange??

Welcome Lentochka

♥ Nia said...

Last minute call to see if someone else wants to join too! :)
Tracey, I'll let you know your partner soon ;)