October 1, 2012

news update #18

Summer Exchange
Cris has written here on the blog telling us why she failed our exchange.
Unfortunately, Cris lost her father, we can all understand that she was with her family and away from the internet. Cris, we are sorry for your loss and you don't need to worry with anything for our exchange, Francesca had lots of gifts from a few Pixies ;) It's all taken care! Don't worry!

Winter Exchange
You can sign in until October 12th, just drop your name on the original post! On the same post, the list of participants is being published :) Secret partners will be assigned on October 14th, you'll receive an email with all info about your partner ;)

SAL #3
Mónica, Nia (me!), Valérie and Fara have finished 3 cats! :D
I know Noni is half way on her 3rd cat too :)
Anyone else is working on their next cat?

New author's
Please, welcome our new authors: Verónica (Portugal) and Brenda (USA) :)


Anne said...

Welcome to Veronica and Brenda, I'm just new here too. Love Margaret Sherry! :)

LittleStar07 said...

Yeah, autumn cat still in progress... :><:
But now I', starting the Winter Exchange gift already!!!
Welcome new members!

Olimpia said...


Cris, I send you a hug. Take care.

Welcome Vero and Brenda.


LittleStar07 said...

So sorry to hear that, Cris, take care.

Viver por Amor said...

Thanks everyone, i just see my name here today... sorry, i am a little bit(not so little)distracted :P