October 23, 2012


Hi all!
Just had to let you know I was ecstatic today.  A friend of mine picked up the WOCS mag issue 195 for me.  There were only two copies left, one for her and one for me!  Yay!!
I love the new designs and hope to start them soon, or most likely in the New Year.
Happy Stitching everyone!!  :)


♥ Nia said...

YAY!! :D
Can't wait to see your first stitching! :D Have fun!!

cucki said...

Happy stitching xxx

Valma said...

I got it last week =)
the calendar is so sweet
enjoy and happy stitching

amber said...

Here in Canada, we get the World of Cross Stitch a month later, so this issue won't be on sale until sometime in November. Can someone share more information? What's in it? Margaret Sherry designs? If so, how many, what kind of animals? Are they Christmas designs? Would love to know more!

Valma said...

Beware..my comment contains many information , if you want the surprise...don't read =D

Sweet Amber, there's a 2013 calendar with 6 MS big charts =)
Cats, dogs, mice...all together in different scenes
1 xmas chart =)
hope you will be able to buy it soon
hugs from France

Ouranosaurus said...
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amber said...

Thanks Valma, I appreciate the extra information. I'll be checking the bookstore every week to see if it's in! Looking forward to more designs. Hugs from Canada :)

yvaine said...

I know the feeling.Bought mine yesterday.Hand itching to start sewing.