August 6, 2012

Summer exchange:: checking again

Once again, let's check our Summer exchange!

Before the end of July, Eleana and Lu posted their parcels so we still have one missing... no word from Cris yet. What really upsets me is not getting any message, no email or comment on the blog saying anything... Everyone has work, life, problems! But we can manage everything if we just send a little message to our friends.
Also, I don't understand how someone receives a gift and doesn't say anything about it, not even a thank you?! My parents have taught me better than that.

So, waiting to receive: Eleana, Marcinha, Francesca, Simone and Dinny. Is that correct? Please, ladies, let me know as soon as you receive your partner's parcel, ok? I will be waiting to update our status list ;)

Francesca, I can only apologize for what's happenning, I feel responsible because I'm the one taking care of our exchanges and letting people in but.. for sure you understand that it's a risk, we have to give a chance to everyone until they give us a reason not to! But you also know that I will do my best to make you smile again :D Don't worry sweetie!! ;)


Stitching Noni said...

Hi Nia, I do so hope everyone gets their package soon.
It is a worry that you still haven't heard from Cris. I have my pixie shoes ready if needed :0)

Dinny Ristinia said...

Dear Nia,
I've received my exchange from Judith and I've already posted here on the blog at July, 19.

Hope to hear from Cris very soon!


Valma said...

Pixie shoes ? I heard Pixie ...
if you need me, I'm here =D
It's making me sad too, if it's really the second time it happens I hope it won't make a stop to the exchanges :-/

simone arrais said...

Nia, I just received my parcel from Claire this afternoon! I emailed you! Thanks for your attention! Kisses!

Francesca Violetta said...

Dear Nia,
it's not your responsibility! You arrange these exchanges in the better way but unfortunately there are persons who haven't a good form.... I well understand that everyone of us may have problems but send a little message is not too hard to write.
Now I'm leaving for my summer holidays and I do hope to receive news from Cris when I'll be back in Italy!
Thanks Nia and thanks all!
take care dear friends

♥ Nia said...

Thank you ladies!!! Our group is bigger than just one person who failed this exchange :D We will make it work ;)

Dinny, sorry, my mistake =) That's why it's always better to ask and check ;) ehehehhe I forgot to update the list when I read the post! All good now :)

Simone, awesome!! I received your email too, just wrote back and the list is updated!! :D

Francesca, I sent you an email :) Enjoy your vacation sweetie!! :D