August 22, 2012

A bookmark for a bookworm

Hi girls =)

I hope everybody is OK and is enjoying the Summer (maybe the holidays for the luckiest one =D)
I'm here to show you the bookmark I made for my Grandmother, who is a real bookworm, and who will turn 90 tomorrow =D

Cat bookmark

Cat bookmark

Have a nice day everybody
Hugs fromFrance


Cleejoow said...

pretty! I stitched this one myself a while back for my hubbie... he tries to hide it when reading on the train, he finds it not very manly... but he uses it anyway :)

simone arrais said...

Just beautiful and a great gift for your grandma! This design is so amazing! Congrats, dear!

fabka27 said...

It's so sweet. I love cats of
M. Sherry.

cucki said...

wow it is so cute xxx

Stitching Noni said...

Isn't your kitty gorgeous! Your Grandma will adore the bookmark. Happy Birthday to your lovely Grandma - 90 years young :)

Lija said...

It looks great! Happy Birthday to your grandma. Was wandering is it a kit or chart? From magazine or specific website? Would love to get one for myself.

Kat said...

so lovely!!!

Valma said...

thank you Ladies =D

@ Lija, it's a (old) kit, maybe it also appeared in a magazine but I don't know :-/


Rita said...

the cutest thing!! :D

♥ Nia said...

I'm behind here but I've seen it on your blog :) It's adorable!!!! Really sweet bookmark :D