August 30, 2012

news update #15

Summer Exchange
So long has passed since our Summer Exchange deadline... and there are still friends waiting to receive their parcel =/ It's hard to understand because our exchanges are so small, this shouldn't happen!

Cris will stay on the same list as Lorraine » those who failed their exchange and we still hope to hear from them someday!
But Lu and Eleana are not totally clear, ladies, you could have done better...

I promise I will try to make things work better next time!
I'll be more careful with everyone who wants to sign up for the next exchange and I won't leave so much time or room for waiting.

We want our exchanges to be fun!! I don't want our friends sad while waiting for something to arrive on their mailbox! If you assume a commitment, make an effort.

It's so easy to make something pretty, add a couple of treats and post :)

Autumn Exchange
We were supposed to make an exchange each season, just like we are making our SAL, one cat for each season :)

But our last exchange is taking so long to close, I'm not sure if we should start another for Autumn... What do you think?

Should we plan another exchange for September/October?


Eleana Durán said...

For my part the salt fell on my head in this international exchange, as others I've participated in has ended with a happy face to see the ships in the hands of the person.
I guess the next time (if I may participate, of course) would be good but not just point us to send you a picture of the package with your postcards and a photo with the receipt of "certified" to measure the time of arrival (which from end to end it takes up to 3 weeks).
And for this exchange I delight watching them, I'm involved with a diploma from the University that absorbs my nights.
See you at Christmas projects

Olli said...

Nia, what do you think if we start to an early Christmas exchange, with a deadline around November 15th? And those of Autumn just skip?


Gislene Ellery said...

I like Olli's sugest. But, no matter what you decide. I will participate! :-)

Rita said...

I also like what Olli may be a good ideia, because we are almost in September, so the deadline would be just around october or november and then for a Christmas exchange would be very the ideia of doing just a christmas exchange would give everyone more time. But i will do what everyone said :) I'm in:)

And you did the very isn't your fault if there are people who aren't responsable :(


Valma said...

Olli's idea is great, we can even put the deadline beginning of December to be closer to Xmas =)
It's true that if we do an Autumn exchange it will be very close to the Xmas one :-/
2012 would be a year without Autumn =)
we had no season this year !!
I agree with Rita, you always do the best =)
I'm iiiiiin of course for any exchange =D
Big hugs

♥ Nia said...

I agree ladies, it's better to skip Autumn exchange, time is too short now!

Eleana posting time is different if we are sending from Europe to Europe or from one side of the world to another! Each person needs to see where her exchange partner is from, then decide the best time to post. If I'm sending to France, I know one week is enough. If I send for Brazil, I know I have to send 3 or 4 weeks earlier! We all have to see for which country we are posting and when it's the best time to do it.
About more exchanges, that's a personal problem. You have to see if you have enough time to join another exchange. If you have one, two, three exchanges, it's up to you. If you don't have enough time, then you shouldn't sign in. Your partner should not be waiting because you had more exchanges, right?
Everyone needs to think before signing up.

Olli perfect!! I agree 100% with you :)

Valma it's good to make an earlier deadline because mail always gets delayed around Christmas time :p
But, just like I wrote above to Eleana, we have to see where we are sending our parcel. If you send to Europe, one week is enough, for Brazil you know you'll need around 3-4 weeks ;)

Anne said...

Love to join your Christmas exchange. I have done quite a few previously. :)

Becky said...

I think in view that I am in the middle of trying to do 3 Christmas exchanges already, I would be willing to join in a Christmas one, but don't think I could fit in an Autumn one too! Looking forward to it as I loved the Summer one!