June 21, 2012

Summer exchange update

Hi everyone!! :D
Today is the deadline to post our exchange parcels, how is everyone doing?

Noni, Simone, Marcinha and Valérie posted :) Becky also posted and I have received it already!! :D You'll see my gift very soon ;)
My little package is ready to go, just needs to take a little travel to the post office!
Lija, Francesca and Judith are a bit behind but they are finishing their parcel. I think no one will be upset for waiting just a few more days, the weekend is coming, extra time to help everyone to finish ;)

Don't forget to let me know when you post your exchange parcel. Or, if you're a little behind it's ok, just let us know that you're working on it ;)

Update Jun22
There's a list on the sidebar with all the names and in front you can read:
. sent = posted the exchange parcel
. received = parcel from friend received
. ok = a bit behind but working on in
Just missing info from Olli, Olimpia, Dinny and Lu! Everyone else is ok, some are a bit behind but it's ok, they are working on the parcel and will send next week :)


Valma said...

can't wait to see what you received =)
a bit of summer and sun in those autumn days !!
those exchanges are definitely very exciting =)

Cris and Crafts said...

Hi Nia, I'm a little behind because my dad is in the hospital, and i've been going there everyday after work for about a month now. But i'll finish up this weekend ok? Promise :)

dulcinella said...

I sent you a message, I'm a little behind, as I health wasn't cooperating:-( but I'm slowly recovering and hope to bring it to the post office on monday. That is, if someone will bring me first to the post office. I enjoyed making my package thus far, so I hope my secret pall will also enjoy it:-)

♥ Nia said...

Dulcinella, you're right! I received your message but I forgot to take a note here on the list =/ sorry sweetie!
That's why I like to post and ask, this way I can correct my mistakes too :) ehhehe
It's OK!!! Don't worrry :D Take your time to finish and I'm sure Simone won't mine waiting a little bit more ;) If you can post it during next week that will be great! But you don't need to run on Monday ;) heheheh

Cris and Crafts all good too sweetie! :) The same I said to Dulcinella ;)

Valma I have a picture! hehehe just need the time to blog ;)

Dinny Ristinia said...

Hi Nia!
As expected, I had loads of work deadlines this past two weeks, but I have met them finally!
So I will need some finishing on my stuffs for Lu this weekend. I hope to send it by Monday. I will keep you posted!
Wish me luck!


♥ Nia said...

Ok Dinny!! :D

Olli said...

Dear ladies (Nia and Noni), sorrrrrrry, but I am not yet ready to send my parcel. Work takes more time than I expected. I promise to send it in the first week of July.


Olimpia said...

Hi girls.

That emotion, almost all sent their parcel, I have my package ready since last Thursday, but that day I had to leave work trip and I take you to harness that went to the airport and then send it, but I could not send the address because I forgot, silly me, haha, well tomorrow I will be sending.

Judith .... your gift went to Cancun with me, you hardly sending it .... do not think is a joke.

Happy start to the week to all.

♥ Nia said...

Ok Olli!! :)

Olimpia it happens to the best of us ;) hahahah I've been there! LOL
Please, let me know when you've posted it ;)