June 13, 2012

Ballerina Hedgehogs "Pirouetting"

Earlier today I posted a request about a chart that was misprinted in Quick&Easy magazine.

Looks like it's a responsability from Future Publishing and not even Margaret Sherry has a copy of the published designs. Also, I realized that there's a lot of stitchers seeking for the same chart because they had the same magazine mistake =/

So, without any intention to inflict copyrights, I'm sharing here the 'Give us a twirl' chart - only the one that was misprinted.
This way it will help everyone, whether it's a member of this group or someone else that just fell in love with these 3 ballerina hedgehogs and it's sadly missing one of them.

Click on the image

Again, no intention to inflict copyright issues, just trying to solve a problem for those who bought the magazine and couldn't stitch all three charts!

PS: Thanks for the help Valérie! =)


Stitching Noni said...

Oh, isn't that just adorable. I can't remember if I even got that mag - haven't seen a Quick and Easy for ages. Thank you Nia and Valerie for supplying the missing chart :o)

Rita said...

It's great that we all can help each other in this group! Great Job Valérie and Nia;)