June 13, 2012

news update #12

Summer Exchange
Becky and Simone posted their parcel! Good job ladies :D
Our deadline is June 21st but if you need a little more time, relax! Just make sure you send something pretty to your partner and try to post as soon as you can. If you need a couple more days it's ok, I believe no one will be mad =) hehehe

New authors
Since our last update, three new stitchers joined our group: Anastasia (Nastenka) from Russia, Rosa from Italy and Joey (Littlestar) from Malaysia :D
Welcome ladies!! =)

SAL #3 Cool Cats
Valérie and Becky finished Summer cat :) And how is everyone else going? Have you finished too? There are a few stitchers behind on the first cat... I hope no one is giving up =(
Anastasia is joining the fun too, one more stitcher on our SAL!
I can't wait to finally start my next cat :D


Kasia Plichcińska said...

Dear Nia and the rest of amazing stitching girls!!!!
I am aware that I am very behind with my Cool Cats SAL, however I had a pretty important reason - I and my family moved to another country :). Therefore different things had a priority.... :)
For now on am half way trough my frist cat - as soon as I will finish it I will post it here!!!

Many greetings

Kasia Plichcińska said...

Oh dear, I hate this new google stuff!!!
It was me - Plichcia :)

Valma said...

Some parcels are on the way...suuuuper
can't wait to see them =)
Mine will leave this week or beginning of next week
Olli is not so far from me and it should arrive quickly
welcome to our 3 new MS fans =)
happy stitching

♥ Nia said...

Plichcia no problem! Sometimes life gets in the way ;) ehehehehe Best of luck to the new home!!! :D

Valma yeap :D Ladies work fast here on the group ;) heheheh

I forgot to write, mine is also ready to post but I'm waiting a little since it's going for another country in Europe too! :)

Stitching Noni said...

Welcome to our new members :o)
I have finished stitching my summer exchange piece and just need to "finish" it this weekend. Fingers crossed the idea that is sitting in my imagination actually comes to fruition!! It will be in the mail next week.
Poor old Cool Cat #2 hasn't been started yet... but it will be started in the next couple of days :o)

Rita said...

welcome to the new ladies!:D

Oh, i've already stitched my summer exachange...but i still didn't gave it a good finish! Great that Vallma is near me, so it won't be too long!;)

I hope i will start my new summer cat soon!!

kisses to all!!

dulcinella said...

Welcome to the new people! I have everything ready for the summer exchange, but I'm just a bid behind on stitching. So smoking needles here. I hop to postin time, but if there's a delay of a few days, I'll sure let you know.