February 14, 2012

Union Jack Snail

Hello Girls

Happy St Valentine =D
This feast is also for friends isn't it ? :)

I stitched the Union Jack snail.
It's one of the free downloadable charts on Sherry / Lewis blog
I decided to make a little cushion :)
In fact it's my first cushion !!!
Still have to make progress.... =D
Big hugs from France

Union Jack snail

Union Jack snail


cucki said...

i love it..so sweet xxx

Laura said...

...sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!

Mangogirl said...

so sweet :D

Lesley said...

I love your snail :):)

mdgtjulie said...

He's too cute, Valma!! Grats on the little finish!

escargopotte said...

So cute !

Rachele said...

very nice!

Annette said...


Stoff und Nadel ..... Jutta's Blog said...

Sooooo cuuuute !!!! I love your stitchery !!!

♥ Nia said...

I agree, V-Day is for all kinds of love, friends include ;) hehehe
I love your finish, looks adorable! :)
I'm curious to know how was your weekend in UK! Soon I will be sneaking on your blog ;) hehehe