February 14, 2012

From El Salvador to Russia with love.

In last days off I have received a remarkable card from Eleana. We with children delightfully examined an envelope and the marks which have arrived to us so from apart. It so is unforgettable, to realize that for thousand kilometers who that specially tried for you.

And I will be glad to participate in such exchange still.  Thanks Eleana.


cucki said...

aww it is so sweet..
love and hugs xx

Valma said...

Suuuuper !
There's a (DMC) thread linking the world around here =D
very cute

♥ Nia said...

I had seen all postcards but now I'm happy to see that all have arrived to their destinations :D Happy Exchange!!! :D hehhehhe
It takes a bit longer to travel between some countries but in the end all cards arrived safely :)

I hope everyone had a great time with our exchange!!!
Thank you all for joining girls :D