November 8, 2010

A is for Archie

I was reading your comments on Simone's post, about the letter 'A' and the cute bear besides it. Why a bear with an 'A', right?

Ladies, I have the pleasure to introduce to you, one of Margaret Sherry's popular characters: Archie, the Bear :)


Mystery solve? ;) LOL


Joanita said...

ah! The bear has a name! LOL

Thanks Nia!

Paty said...

Now makes sense!
Cute Archie bear!

Gislene Ellery said...

Oh! Thank you very much Nia!!!
Archie is really a cute bear!

Atelier Caseiro said...

Ohhhhhh! Hello Archie! =)

Simone Arrais said...

Finally! Nia, thank you so much! Now I can sleep! LOL It´s a baby bear... lovely!