November 6, 2010

Easy ABC

Hello, everyone! The alphabet is in progress! Today I want to share with you two more letters, "N" with cute lizards and "D" with a puppy that makes you want to hug...

The "N" was embroidered by Gislene, it was quite impressive, due to their bright colors. I loved to embroider the "D" and I’m in love! This little puppy is cute, isn’t it? :-D

Are in production: "E", with a charming elephant and the "H" with friendly hedgehogs (or is it another animal?). The mystery of the "A" remains. Someone could tell me the name of the little animal already embroidery? My research so far been frustrated...  lol


Gislene Ellery said...

Yes! The aminal of the "A" is a great mistery! I also want to know it!
It has been realy nice this project! I love each letter we embroidery! But i must tell favorite is the "X"... :-)

Joanita said...

Wonderful job!

The animal of the A is a BIG mistery for me!

Atelier Caseiro said...

I love this alphabet.
The animal of the A is a BIG mistery for me². hehehe

♥ Nia said...

Oh I love 'D'!!! The dog is soooo cute =) heheheh
Keep up with the good work girls ;)

Ana, in 'A', it's Archie :) One of Margaret Sherry's popular designs ;)

Paty said...

The ABC is going very well!
Lovelly the Dog!

I think the letter A is for Ant, isn´t?!