November 1, 2010

Are you feeling lucky? :D

Lets see who will win our first giveaway!! :)

:: Valid entries ::
1. Joanita
2. NatQuebec
3. Isabella (2x)
4. Paty
5. Simone Arrais (2x)
6. Dinny Ristinia
7. Mónica
8. Cidália
9. Ana Paula
10. Rafa
11. Juliana Kimura (2x)
12. Lucina Garcia (2x)
13. Aracy
14. Gina
15. Bia Prando

:: Sorry but I couldn't enter Juliane Pugliesi and Goascoz, they didn't left any link saying where they posted about the giveaway =/ Sorry girls! We have to follow the rules to be fair to everyone..

Drum rolls...
..and the winner is..


Congratulations to Isabella!!! :)


Paty said...

Congratulations, Isa!!!!
If the prize was for the last one, it would be mine! kkkkk


♥ Nia said...

hahaha Lol!!! Better luck next time Paty..
Don't be sad, we'll have more giveaways here!!
Christmas in near ;)

Simone Arrais said...

Isabela, you're a lucky girl!!! Congrats!!! But, next time, the giveaway is mine!!! LOL!

Dinny Ristinia said...

Owww... I'm #2 ..!! That was close..!!
Congrats, Isa!

Joanita said...

Congratulations Isabella! =)