August 6, 2015

Send a smile - Valma to Nia ... part II ;)

Hello ladies!
You've already seen photos from Valérie but I wanted to write my post anyway, just to say thanks to Valérie and tell how much I appreciated everything! =) I'm sorry for being a few days behind - not that easy to take some time to take photos and post... when you have a toddler around who just wants to play and put his hands on everything :p heheheh He's discovering the world, touch is very important but not with coffee mugs ;)

Valérie posted pictures of her beautiful stitching and finished tray, along with the mug, but there was more in the parcel:

Do I need to say how perfect is that design?! I'm so in love with it!! =) It's so adorable ♥ and the finish tray.. all together, precious!! I'm trying to find the perfect place for it... where my boy's little hands won't reach ;) hehehehe But I want to look at it all the time! :)

Thank you my sweet friend
Hugs&smiles to you,


Olimpia said...

Wow! everything is beatiful.

Congrants both of you.


Stitching Noni said...

Gorgeous! I can imagine that a certain little boy would just love to get his fingers on such pretties!!
Hugs xx

Angel said...

Such a beautiful parcel, Val did a great job!
I am sure you and Val are both smiling:-)

Preeti said...

Wow!! so lovely gifts!! :) Valerie has done a great stitching and she has created a beautiful parcel :))

Detallitos de Ysabel said...

Very nice gifts!! Congrats to both!!!