August 3, 2015

Send a Smile exchange - update!

Hello ladies :D
Last Friday was the deadline to post our parcels, I want to let you all know how things are going ;)

. Judith wrote here that she will post this week and I'm waiting to hear from Ysa, everyone else has posted.

. I don't have photos from Olimpia and Lentochka, everyone else did all well, good job ladies :)

. Three parcels have been delivered - Angel, Preeti and Valérie: mission accomplished :D Great work ladies!!

Let's wait a little and all our parcels will be safely delivered!
I hope everyone is smilling already!!! :D

Let me know if I'm missing something:
. Nia - Posted!
. Ysa - Posted!
. Heather - Posted!
. Judith (will post this week)
. Lentochka - Posted! (No photos)
. Noni - Posted!
. Angel - Delivered :)
. Olimpia - Posted! (No photos)
. Preeti - Delivered :)
. Valma - Delivered :)


Stitching Noni said...

Excellent! Can't wait to see all of those gorgeous pics as the parcels arrive!
Hugs xx

Preeti said...

Great!! I am waiting to receive mine :) Valma- delivered, means Valerie to Nia, is it? I didn't see the pictures, did I miss any post?

♥ Nia said...

Preeti, you're right, I did receive a beautiful parcel from Valérie :D
Haven't posted yet, hope to have the chance to take photos and post it today ;)
Yesterday I thought I should start by updating everyone, I will try to post soon :))))

Angel said...

That is great news, 3 parcels arrived!
Cant wait to see the pictures Nia, i am sure she made something pretty!