July 15, 2015

Send a Smile - posted parcels :)

Hello ladies :)

Two parcels are already travelling across the world! We have some quick stitchers on our group :D awesome!

I'm keeping track on how things go, you can check the list on the exchanges page :)

Please, let your partner know when you get your mail, let me know too ;)


Preeti said...

I just got an SMS from Indian Govt. postal services app that the package is delivered:) I am waiting for Valerie's confirmation.
Delivery in just three working days from India to France is just great!!:) I don't know about customs rules for France. Here they said package this size does not require custom duty.

Angel said...

That is great Preeti!
Mine is travelling for about 3 weeks now, i dont have a clue how long it is gonna take.Hope to hear from Olimpia soon it arrived at her home:-)

Preeti said...

Hi Angel, I have used Speed post because that was the only one with tracking option for small parcels, even then I think it was quite fast. I received email from Valerie. Her neighbour received it as she was at work. Hopefully she will get soon. Can't wait to know her response about the gifts :)

Valma said...

I got it so quickly !!!!
And everything is so beautiful
I'm blessed :D
And have a big smile