July 17, 2015

Send a smile exchange - Preeti to Valma

Hi Ladies :)

Am I really the first to have received my exchange ??? :D
HO MY !!!

I sent a mail to Preeti to thank her but I think my words are going to be a bit weak regarding to what I'm now feeling :D
I've been spoilt ! over spoilt !!!
Preeti knows me well hehehe..purple, butterflies and ..... MICE !
Wow , I'm so happy !
This needle book is so cute and all the pages are embroidered !
And all those goodies...

Target : to send a smile --> TARGET REACHED :D

My exchange is going to leave on Monday, let's hope it will generate such a smile than the one I'm having right now ;)

Thank you again Preeti, you're a sweetheart.
Lot's of love

the over cute needle book

the same needle book with a beautiful handmade garland 

5 goodies !!! :D
Typical Indian gifts


Preeti said...

I am so happy to see your smile !!:) Yay!! Mission accomplished :D

Stitching Noni said...

Oh wow! What a gorgeous exchange! I love the needle book :) and those gifts are just lovely. Great exchange and mission accomplished ;)
Hugs xx

Angel said...

Oh my, you are spoiled!
Preeti your crafts are always so beautiful, love the colours!
I am sure her smile will last a long time!

Preeti said...

Angel and Noni, Thank you so much !:)

♥ Nia said...

First exchange for Preeti and look how she starts :D heheheheh wonderful parcel!
All so beautiful! Love the stitching, too cute! =) and that crochet hanger! Oh my! Lovely!!!
Congrats to Preeti :D I knew you would put a big smile on Valerie's face :D

Preeti said...

Thank you, Nia!!:)

Olimpia said...

Hi girls,

Last Monday I received my gift from Angel.

I'm very busy this week, on the weekend show you mi gift.

Thanks a lot Angel.


Annette said...

OMG OMG.. Preeti you really spoiled Val.. So sweet of you. and beautifull made!!!

Detallitos de Ysabel said...

Lovely exchange. Congrats to both!!!