June 15, 2015

Send a Smile - exchange partners :)

Hello ladies!
By now you've probably read your emails, you know who will get your parcel but.. who will you receive from? heheheh Here it is, the full chain:

Nia » Ysa » Heather » Judith » Lentochka » Noni » Angel » Olimpia » Preeti » Valma » Nia

Theme: Free
Itens: At least 5 itens + 1 handmade - Margaret Sherry design, always!!!
Post: until July 31st

Thank you for voting chain ;) It would be a lot harder to make partners that had never sent/received from each other :p

Last week I started asking for addresses but I'm still waiting on Olimpia's reply. Ysa and Heather have new addresses, anyone else changed in the last couple of years? Please, let me know ;)

Don't forget the main rule: have fun!!!!
Let's start sending smiles :D


Olimpia said...

Hi girls!

Thanks Nia, I´m very excited with my partner.

You have my address on your email.

Thanks for all.

Happy exchange for everyone!


Preeti said...

Great!! I am looking forward to sending and receiving smiles :)
Thanks for organising, Nia!!:)

Angel said...

Have fun everybody, lets send some smiles all over the world:-)

Stitching Noni said...

Time to get stitching.... almost July now!
Luckily I have a week off work this week so I can get started on my smile stitching!
Hugs xx