June 4, 2015

Poll » pairs or chain?

Hello everyone!!
Looks like I'm always a bit behind these days =) I used to be better here, I know.. Well, if a baby at home keeps your hands full, a toddler walking everywhere (and fast!!) it sure keeps you busy as well ;)

So, on our exchange, we have 10 stitchers:
Judith (Musicwoman)

I'm taking votes to decide if we exchange in pairs or chain.
Pairs: A < > B, C < > D...
A sends to B and B sends to A, C sends to D and D sends to C...

Chain: A > B > C... > A
A sends to B, B sends to C... the last one sends to A

How do you prefer? Vote until Sunday, I will post the list as the majority of votes ;)

New partners:
I always try to make new partners, so everyone gets the chance to exchange with everyone :) So it won't be in the order of the list above ;)


♥ Nia said...

I vote chain.. only because it's easier! :p heheheheh
We have done so many exchanges in chain, it's easier to make the list with new partners ;)

Olimpia said...

Hi Nia!

I can´t imagine the job you have with the baby, but the best job, isn´t it?

Well, I prefer chain, I agree is easy for you.

Thaks for you time, if you need help count with me.


Stitching Noni said...

Chain works for me :o)
Happy to go with the majority though....

I really must get around to posting my MS stitching - I am working on some....
Hugs xx

Angel said...

I vote chain because it is easier for you hehe:-)

Preeti said...

I am a newcomer, any partner is new for me :) I am fine with both. If you find chain easy, then let's go with it:)
You need just one more chain vote and the majority is done.

Musicwoman said...

It will be good with both.But as CHAIN is easier. I vote for C H A I N.


Detallitos de Ysabel said...

For me is the easier for you, so I think chain is wining

Valma said...

any decision you take I'm sure it will be FUN :D
this is the master word
go at the easiest, this is already so great you're organising this ;)