May 17, 2015

exchange update!!

Hi everyone!
Again, sorry for taking so long to update here.. it has been difficult to have some free time with my boy walking everywhere! Only 14 months but he walks too fast!!! I spend my day running behind him :p

I gave a long time for everyone to sign up but not many stitchers joining.. probably not having as much free time as they wished? I know how that is :p well, but I will still try to participate and do my best :) So far, 9 friends for the exchange, I still have to check with Angel because everyone else prefered a later deadline..

14 more days to sign up here!!


Angel said...

It is ok, i am still in for this exchange.
Got my package finished already and i will ask someone to empty my mailbox when i am away:-)

♥ Nia said...

Happy you're in Angel!! :D
I've updated on the previous post with the list ;)