May 3, 2015

Coffee & Cuddles

"This cute scene has real "ah" factor and looks great decorating a kitchen or hallway."

Hello everyone!

What about cup of coffee? Or cup of cat? :-D These cats sitting in the cups are so lovely. Two ginger and two grey cats make me smile and what about you?

You can find this design in the book The best of Margaret Sherry.

Original post here.

Have a nice Sunday!


Musicwoman said...

You did such a good work.
When I have more more time I wil do themalso. They are just too cute.
Have a nice time
Love Judith

Preeti said...

So cute!!:) I don't have that book . If I find the chart in any magazine issue then I will purchase the digital issue and make it .
You are a fast stitcher !

♥ Nia said...

This one has been on my 'to-stitch list' for a long while :p Too cute, it's true! :D