March 30, 2015

new group exchange :)

Hello ladies :)

I was giving some time for more stitchers to join our conversation here but looks like everyone has been pretty busy and still working on last year's SALs. So, I won't overwhelm you more, let's wait a bit to star new project as a group. Of course, everyone should continue to stitch everything you'd like, we all will love to watch it here :)

Let's move on to the group exchange, what about...

'Send a Smile Exchange'
... sounds fun? :)
Free theme, just a package with fun goodies that any stitcher would like to receive ;) At least five itens and one handmade - off course, that's always the star on our exchanges :)

As always, this is a group exchange, only for members. If you want to join, sign in here, leave a comment on this post.

Theme: Free
Sign up: until April 20th
Post: until June 1st



Jacquie Morris said...

Oh this sounds perfect for me....send a smile...oh it's a lovely idea...heaven knows I could do with a smile, or two!
Unfortunately being bed bound and unable to walk I cannot get to the post office....i know...what about a friend or family member!! No friends where I live...and the only other driver is my dad who is ill himself. So no, no one available to go to the post office.. I am so sad about this as I would of loved to join in.
No matter, I will get joy from seeing others exchanges. And hope when I am better there will be other things I can join in on.
Smiles :)

Stitching Noni said...

Lovely idea! I'm in :)
Hugs xx

Heather said...

Oh yes please I would love to join in :) I have been more of a watcher than a stitcher/blogger the past few months! is that OK? Thank you
Heather xxxxx

Angel said...

Yes, i am in for the exchange, love it!!

Musicwoman said...

Oh what a nice idea.

I am so looking forward to my partner.
Well, of course I am in.

Have a nice day all over the world, dear friends.

Detallitos de Ysabel said...

I suscribe too!!

Preeti said...

I am interested and this probably would be first exchange I am entering into. The only concern I have is about the time given. I will be travelling for few days in the months of April and May, so in order to make something handmade, June seems to be a little tight for me. Can we extend a little bit? Mid July or July end?
And I suppose that handmade should be something related to MSherry stitching, right?

Anonymous said...

lovely cute blog! thanks for sharing

Olimpia said...

Hi girls!

I´m in.


Preeti said...

I am awaiting Nia's reply to my request.

♥ Nia said...

Sorry for the delay!! New post is up ;)