March 10, 2015

2015 stitching plans

Hello everyone! :)

I'm still waiting for more updates on our SALs from last year. If you haven't read it yet, please, check this post here and let us know how you're going on your projects too :)

Those who have finished it all, are waiting for new projects and ideas to stitch so... let's brainstorm :D

1. Debbie is going to stitch "Coffee and Cuddles" and suggested it could be an idea for a SAL too! (posted here) Anyone up for it? :) I know the pattern is on the book 'The best of Margaret Sherry' and also on an old Cross Stitcher magazine (I will have to check the issue).

2. Any more suggestions for a SAL?

3. How about an exchange? We haven't done any in a long while! Maybe we could make a 'happy exchange', nothing about a theme, just some fun stitching and goodies any stitcher would like to receive :)

4. More ideas? Share! Let us know ;)


Preeti said...

Hi Nia,
I have same status as I last posted. I will try this month to complete back stitching.
The new SAL looks great but I don't have this chart with me. If you could tell me the issue I will check and buy the iPad digital issue.
I also have two more suggestions for the SAL :

1. Master at work , The world of cross stitching, August 2012, issue 192
2. Play time , Cross stitcher Jan 2011 , issue 234

I have these two charts, I am not able to the upload pics here. I am emailing those to you. Please check, and if you think it's not been done yet, then we may check with interest and availability with others.

The exchange sounds good. I am in :) I haven't done any exchange so far.

Musicwoman said...

Hi Nia,
last year was not so ggod for me and my family.
Now I hope to this year for finishing the SALS of 2014. I havn't yet stared but I am willing.
I am also very looking forward to another exchange as I do like making and receiving surprizes of allover the world.
Best wishes to all of you
Love Judioth

Stitching Noni said...

I am so far behind... I have started Spring Bouquet but haven't even touch the other ones. Last year my stitching suffered as I had to work 5 days a week so I lost my Friday stitching day! No change there but I am trying to stitch more at night and on the weekends so that I can have some finishes again!!
Given I have 3 SAL's to do already I probably won't join in another just yet... but Coffee and Cuddles is great (I have done one of the kitties years ago as a stand alone). Love the idea of an exchange!
Hugs xx

Angel said...

I already did coffee and cuddles but love to join a exchange!

Detallitos de Ysabel said...

From my side I can't join any SAL for now, I am immersed in others big projects, but an exchange sound great to me! I would love to participate again!

Anne said...

Hi Nia: Im afraid Im still not completed the Bags of Fun but will try to get it in my rotation. My hands are still acting up so I can stittch much less that prev. Happy Spring all!! :)