February 26, 2014


I thought I would let you all know how my SAL # 6 is coming along.

My stitching on this one has been slow, mainly because it has been incredibly hot here and I have been too tired by the end of each day. As in all Margaret Sherry designs, there are lots of colour changes and little details, which have slowed me down too, but the end results are worth it.

I did the backstitch on the little mouse last night and it really helps the picture to come alive.

Happy stitching everyone! I hope to see your progress on your SALs soon.


Julianne said...

Nice progress. The back stitching really is a huge part of her designs,

Preeti said...

Wow ! You have made lot of progress!! It's looking cute:) I have just started few stitches on spring cat.

Stitching Noni said...

Fantastic progress on your Snoozers... gosh I haven't even started yet!!

Rosangela said...

Lindo, lindo, lindo.
Parece uma pintura.
Um abraço.

Angel said...

Looks great!
Cute little mouse!

Valma said...

hooooo I'm in love with cute mouse =D
Great job on a very neat stitching and the back stitch of this lovely mouse is perfect =D
really beautiful

♥ Nia said...

ohhh it looks fantastic!! Great work sweetie :D

Debbie Vermeulen said...

Thank you, everyone! It is a joy to do:-)

Zurainny Ismail said...

Gosh, you really are the fastest! I love looking at your progress. Keep it up! :D