February 19, 2014

Cattitude Horoscopes: Aquarius


Are you Aquarius? Today is the last day of this horoscope sign. I almost forgot to write post :o). I must wait for my sign for so long time... :-) I love this design with rainbow water.

Original post here.

Have a nice evening!


Preeti said...

Yes, I am Aquarius. Rainbow water looks very nice :)
I haven't see these MSherry patterns before.
Congrats on the finish !!

Valma said...

what a sweet stitching !
the little rainbow is great and the cat is lovely
I have to stitch Aries, hubby are Aries =D

Suzi said...

Thank you :-)
I forgot to write that is as part of Cattitude Horoscopes :-) And @Valma, I´m Sagitarius :-)

Stitching Noni said...

Libra is my star sign... but I love your Aquarius - it is so sweet :o)