November 26, 2013

Secret Santa is on the way!! :D

You can check your email, all partners info has been sent to each one of you! Remember to keep it a secret, your partner doesn't know from where Santa's gift will arrive ;)

I promised yesterday I would send all emails this morning.. it's noon for me right now! Uff.. I was just in time ;) heheheh

Managing an exchange takes more time than we wish :p I need to wait for emails replies, gather all info, make the draw (I use and then check with our history on previous exchanges (to make sure no one gets the same partner twice). Finally, send each mail carefully so I won't mess up any address!! Can you imagine how terrible that would be? :p hehehe

Joey doesn't have the chance to join this time and I didn't get Heather's confirmation yesterday. I'm counting Heather on our exchange, if she won't be able to do it for any reason, I will assume the responsability and fill her space ;) I'm pretty sure Heather was just busy, unable to check her email but soon will write back to me :)

On the email, I wrote the rules to follow, very simple things so make sure you do it, ok? ;) heheheh
I've been asked before about the age of each partner, some people say that helps to know the kind of things to send. That was added to the info about each partner, unless I din't get a reply or the person prefers not to tell, in that case you have 'unknown'.
In my opinion, age doesn't say much about each stitcher, seeing the kind of works she does or checking her personal blog, that helps a lot more! So make some use of the link that goes on the email too, ok? ;) that's the best way to know your partner better, get to know her 'style' on crafts, the things she enjoys.. maybe you will enjoy her blog and start contacting more :) Visit other member's blogs, that's how friendships starts! :D

Main rule to everyone: have fun!!! :D
Enjoy this magical season!!!

Update: somehow I missed Heather's email! All confirmed, Heather is in and all partners have been assigned ;) Have fun ladies!! I will be here for anything you need and I will keep track on how things go :)


Olli said...

Ho Ho Ho :)

Musicwoman said...

Now, Santa know the adress . He ust hurry up that the sleigh bring the mail just in time.
From the cold winter Germany the sleigh will go to ....

No, that is only Santas's and Nia's secret.

Nia, thanks for this fun in my bad time.

Julianne said...

Nia, all systems are go here in California 馃槂

Lija Broka said...

Oh dear I missed on the sign up. Oh well, will keep an eye out for the next. Probably not enough time anyhow leading up to Christmas. Excited to see what everyone will stitch though.

Valma said...

well received my partner address =)
hehehe I looooove this mystery surrounding us, it's so Xmas
can't wait to see all the creations and that's really great Heather confirmed her participation :)
(any news from the last parcel for the previous exchange ????)
have fun girls
xxxxxxxx from France