November 12, 2013

Halloween Exchange Update!!

I know, Halloween has passed :p So, what am I doing here still talking about it, right? heheheh

I had already called our Pixies to action and yesterday I finally got an answer from Deb! Our deadline was back in October (1st) but Deb had some trouble to deal with, she would be late on the posting but would still send a parcel to Rita.. so I waited. One month after, Halloween came and still no smoke sign from Deb.. I have to say I was disappointed. I do understand that life happens but I also know it only takes one minute to send an email. I never heard back from Deb until yesterday, not about the parcel to Rita or that she had received Cucki's parcel!

Ladies, please, I ask for such simple rules to follow..
Sending an email to let me know you're behind, letting me know you haven't disappeared or forgotten about your partner, send an email saying you have received a gift. Those shouldn't even be rules, that's being polite.

This group has been great on our exchanges, we have wonderful stitchers and committed friends! But I have to worry with those friends who do it all and then.. their mailbox is empty! Why?!.. it shouldn't be...

I will consider this exchange closed, we will start Christmas theme BUT I won't forget that Rita is still waiting with an empty box. So, there's a tiny red flag here. Not totally over.

#3 Halloween Exchange
Sent parcels:
. Heather - Sent!
. Val - Sent!
. Ysa - Sent!
. Noni - Sent!
. Judith - Sent!
. Amber - Sent!
. Nia - Sent!
. Angel - Sent!
. Cucki - Sent!
. Deb - UPDATE 2013.11.11 Will send in the next 2 weeks
. Rita - Sent!

Received parcels:
. Heather - Received :)
. Val - Received :)
. Ysa - Received :)
. Noni - Received :)
. Judith - Received :)
. Amber - Received :)
. Nia - Received :)
. Angel - Received :)
. Cucki - Received :)
. Deb - Received :)
. Rita


Valma said...

hope the last parcel will arrive soon :-/
our sweet fellow Rita has to be spoiled too :)
hope Xmas exchange will be 100% a success with no red flag :)

Stitching Noni said...

Fingers crossed Rita's exchange arrives with lots of speedy wings very soon :o) So pleased to hear that Deb has been in touch :o)
Hugs x