January 14, 2012

weekly news #1

One of my goals for this year, as an admin on the blog, is to post a weekly update :) Welcome new authors, post about any news, updates about our activities, etc..
So, when a new week starts, you can come here and see what's up :D

Wrapping 2011's activities:

Christmas card exchange
Two cards still travelling to their destinations, Eleana and Svetlana, coincidently both partners so I can imagine there was some issue with the mail between their countries =/ I hope both will get their cards soon!!

We had two but both are still open, a few stitchers are behind...
Are you stitching yet? Have you given up on the projects? Let us know if you'll finish or if you have abandoned the task, ok?
Here we don't give or take anything, it's just about stitching and having fun! So, no punishments for anyone, no one will have to sit on the corner of the room ;) heheheh But it would be great to have everyone done and the list completed :D


. Dinny ALL DONE!
. Joanita ALL DONE!
. Alda ALL DONE!
. Svetlana 2nd done!
. Noni 2nd done!
. Rafa 2nd done!
. Paty 2nd started
. Astrid 1st done!
. Rosário 1st started
. Susana 1st/2nd started
. Marta
. Luciana

. Mary Joan ALL DONE!
. Cucki ALL DONE!
. Valma ALL DONE!
. Olli ALL DONE!
. Becky ALL DONE!
. Jolanda ALL DONE!
. Mónica ALL DONE!
. Francesca ALL DONE!
. Raquel ALL DONE!
. Eleana ALL DONE!
. Jane Marcia ALL DONE!
. Susana 1st done!
. Noni 1st done!
. Annette 1st done!
. Rita 1st done!
. Joanita ..stitching..
. Luciana ..stitching..
. Isabella ..stitching..
. Sari ..stitching..
. Xeihua
. Alda
. Ilka
. Jutta

New author!!
Lorraine, from USA, welcome to our group!! :D


Rita said...

It will be great to have weekly updates..great ideia Nia...as always ;)

It's missing my second part of the SAL#2, but i will keep the stitching, ok? Even if i finish it in next christmas lol


Stitching Noni said...

What a great idea!

My updates:
SAL #1 - started my 3rd cat (ages ago!!)
SAL #2 - need to start Santa...

Stitching task for me between now and the end of Feb is to finish both SAL's! I haven't forgotten about them - just got sidetracked with other things!


♥ Nia said...

Thank you for the update girls!! ;)
Anyone else??

socialsue said...

I am still puzzled about what I am supposed to do. For example, I have done SAL#3 but not the finishing when the magazine first came out. SAL #1 I have done one on a tea towel. SAL # 2, it looks like it is supposed to be made into ornament, correct? I have this group mixed up with another Margaret Sherry group but had thought it was the same group by same moderator. Sorry... can u email me to give me an idea what to do so I can catch up with this group. Thanks, socialsue