January 3, 2012

Sal #2 & Swap together

Had been on vacation two weeks ago, but here I am ready to show my card and culminating MSLovers SWAP salt thereof my first blog.

And further details ...
I added some onyx hearts as buttons

Shakira and few eyes, as the French knot is not my specialty.

Unfortunately did not get my little card Christmas, but I had fun doing mine.
Thanks for everything.


cucki said...

awww it is so sweet..well done xx

Valma said...

It's very cute :D
Good idea for the eyes, I hate French knot too ! never do !
Why are they called French ?? :D

Don't worry for the card, they are all arriving, finally mine arrived in Brazil :D


EXPU said...

Jajajaja, good question Valma!!
I didn't know too, but, I hate it.
About card christmas, I understood, post mail and holidays are OUWFUL!!!

Rita said...

Its lovely! I did the same on the eyes as i also don't like french knots ehehe
Hope you've already received the postcard!