December 19, 2010

just a tip

Today I bring something 'old' to share with you, one Christmas ornament that I stitched last year :)

xmas ornament

I chose part of the design from Cross Stitcher Issue 192.

CS 192

So, here's an idea, sometimes we can make something different without having to use the complete design. Just let your imagination flow! ;)


Simone Arrais said...

Nia, is this your Christmas tree? It's gorgeous. Congrats! This stitch is lovely! Kisses!

♥ Nia said...

Yes Simone! It's my Christmas tree :)
This picture is from last year (pictures here) but I have the same one still (pictures here) ;)
Thank you =)

Macena said...

Nia ! I really like it! Wonderful!

Светик said...

Very much it is pleasant! Too wanted such to embroider, but yet hasn't embroidered.