October 10, 2015

Send a smile exchange - update!

Hello ladies!
Sorry I have been M.I.A., too many sleepless nights over here... For too many weeks =/ And I thought having a newborn was the hardest, such a fool :p My boy is 19 months old and still doesn't like to sleep much, he prefers to play and watch the world, doesn't want to miss a thing!!!

3 parcels to check on our exchange:

. Waiting to hear from Judith, about her parcel to Lentochka and Heather's parcel too
. No news from Lentochka either... Maybe Judith's parcel was delivered, no idea!
. And Noni is waiting to receive too, I know if it was already delivered, Noni would have written an e-mail to me ;)

How about everyone else? Was everyone happy with our exchange? Many smiles? :D
Feel free to write anything you would like to say about our exchange :) we can always learn how to do better.
I know I want to be more active, it hasn't been the same since I have my baby... And I still think all partners should interact more! When you receive your partner's address, you also receive her e-mail, talk to each other! Get to know your partner and friendships will grow, you'll see ;)

Hugs&smiles to all,


Lija Broka said...

Lucky little one! I wish I could stay awake ... 10 cups of coffee a day do not even help.

Hope the packages find their destinations!

lentochka said...

Dear Nia! I have not received the parcel.

Stitching Noni said...

Hello again! Yep... you are right... no sign of the package from Lentochka yet... hopefully it will get here soon :o)
Hugs to everyone! xx

Angel said...

Too bad to hear not all the packages have arrived yet.
I sure hope they will very soon, keep my fingers crossed for you all!

Olimpia said...

Hi everyone,

Nia, thanks for the update.

My mother says that, you never sleps same after have a baby, enjoy it :)

Please ask for help for the exchance, i can help you if you want :)

I can´t wait for see everything.