April 13, 2015

Send a Smile Exchange - new dates!!

Hello ladies!
Sorry for taking a while to update on the group exchange (especially to Pretti whom I haven't replied yet), I had a couple of hard weeks (baby teething =/) and by the end of the end I'm just too tired to think about anything.

Everyone is welcome to join our exchange, you just need to be (or become) a group member and there's no problem if you haven't posted anything on the group for a while... maybe now you'll have something to make you want to post more often ;)

Preeti asked for a longer deadline, until mid July or even the end of the month... I'm all in favor, I just worry if August will be a month for others to go on vacation =/ So, asking to everyone who already signed up, would you be ok with a new date? Posting until July 31th?
If you're going on vacation, you can post before, no problem! I just worry if everyone will be around in August, to get their parcel on the mailbox. Please, comment about this here!! Thank you ladies :)

If we set a longer date to post, I'll set a longer date to sign in as well. My suggestion is below.

Theme: Free
Itens: At least 5 itens + 1 handmade - Margaret Sherry design, always!!!
Sign up: until May 31th
Post: until July 31st

Nia (ok)
Noni (ok)
Heather (ok)
Angel (ok)
Judith (Musicwoman) (ok)
Ysabel (ok)
Preeti (ok)
Olimpia (ok)
Valérie (ok)


Angel said...

Fun! I must say i am on a holiday from the beginning of august so i prefer a date sooner.

Stitching Noni said...

Nia, those dates work for me... August is not a holiday month for me :)
Hugs xx

Olimpia said...

Hi Nia,

The new date is ok. for me.

Thank you.

Preeti said...

Hi Nia, it's fine, I know you have a small kid and you are very busy. No need to feel sorry about that.
I am fine with the dates. I will be on vacation in either sept or October but not long. I will, though, try to post as early in July as possible.
I am in !! :)

♥ Nia said...

So far, Pretti would like in July, Angel would like sooner and the others are ok either way!

Let's wait to hear more about other stitchers, maybe we could make pairs (2 who prefer sooner, 2 who prefer later..) and everyone will be happy :) It's an idea ;)

Musicwoman said...

I would prefer a later date.
Hope you all are fine

Detallitos de Ysabel said...

New post date is ok. for me also just having working days in summer..

Valma said...

One year away.....but I'm very tempted....
A great way to come back and post more often :D
If I join we will be 9....let's hope a 10th friend will join :D

31st of July...I'm in sweetie :D

Olimpia said...


It´s a pleasure to hear you again.


Heather said...

Hello! yes fine with me! Sorry for late reply but I moved home and I have been without internet until today!!
New e-mail address too ... heathersstitchingstory@gmail.com

lentochka said...

Nia, can I take part in the exchange? Thank you!)