February 24, 2015

Stitching along..?

So, yesterday I thought I had read everything but then I realized there were even more posts to read :p To make sure I wouldn't miss anything, I went back to March 2014!! hehehehe Now I know, all posts read and commented :)

I was a bit surprised... didn't see as many w.i.p. photos as I expected for our SALs... I've updated our list, so far it goes:

SAL #7 » Bags of Fun

. Amber
. Anne Fraser Stitching
. Noni
. Angel DONE!
. Ana Ferreira
. Debbie Vermeulen DONE!
. Laura
. Judith
. Zurainny Stitching

SAL #6 » Sunday Snooze
. Amber
. Noni
. Angel DONE!
. Debbie Vermeulen
. Preeti
. Judith

SAL #5 » Spring Bouquet
. Mónica DONE!
. Lija
. Julianne
. Preeti Stitching
. Noni Stitching
. Heather
. Ana Ferreira DONE!
. Judith

Did I miss something?? Please, let me know ;)
Congrats to Angel, Ana and Monica, all ladies have projects completed :D

So many stitchers wanted to start these 3 designs.. no more photos to show?! =/

UPDATED 10/03/2015


Angel said...

thank you, curious to see if there are more finished.

Stitching Noni said...

Unfortunately I am lagging a long way behind.... My poor old MS stitching has been on the back burner but I am trying to get them back into my stitching plans :)
Hugs xx

Debbie Vermeulen said...

Hi Nia, I have just put up my post for SAL #7. I finished in December! :) I doubt I will finish Sunny Snooze - I was using my old hoop frame and my fabric is a little small. Please take me off the list. Any chance of a SAL #8? I am going to be doing the 4 cats in coffee mugs, which might make a good stitch-along? Thanks.

Preeti said...

Oh, I missed this post. Glad to see you back, Nia!!:)
I am still at the same stage, done everything but back stitching:(
Hope I will complete soon. Are we going to continue with this for 2015? Or you have new plans for us?

♥ Nia said...

Preeti and Debbie, maybe we could make something new for this year... I'm not seeing many stitchers updating their progress so maybe not everyone is stitching..

Not sure if everyone will be up for it but we could try ;)

Laura said...

Sorry, I've never start stitching for Sal...I had some problem with my right hand...so I'll do it but in the future

Lija Broka said...

Hello, I missed this post as well. I have actually made some progress on mine and will post in the next few days. Due to some major changes happening last year I have neglected several things I signed up for along with blogging in general. Hope to see everyone's progress soon.