June 13, 2014

Cattitude horoscope: Aries

I know, I know... I´m sorry for longer break. I did a lot of designs, so I have to improve my posting. :-)

I´m coming back with horoscope sign Aries. It´s funny, a ram hasn´t horns so it´s a sheep in fact :-D. I said, it´s a little ram and horns are too little that they haven´t been visible yet :-)
The aries is basic, male and fire sign which is handled with Mars.

See you in the next post, original Aries post with another photos you can see here.

Have a nice Friday!


Ana said...

It looks so cute!!!! I love it! :)

cucki said...

So sweet xxx

KimM said...

How darling is this??!

Suzi said...

thank you girls! ♥

Angel said...

ah, that looks very cute!

Arti said...

So adorable, super work!

PS: Came here through Carolyn's blog and am so glad, what a lovely space you have here. Welcome back to blogging and keep blogging, the world needs your creativity! :-)

Suzi said...

Angel and Arti, thanks!

♥ Nia said...

I'm catching up on older posts, I see you have many Margaret Sherry's designs stitched :D Well done Suzi :)
Another cutie here!! :D

Suzi said...

I love Margaret´s designs, they are so cute ♥ Thank you very much, Nia :-)