December 2, 2013


Christmas Exchange
There are packages travelling across the globe!!! :D
Don't forget to send me an email to, with a photo from your parcel and letting me know you have posted it ;) I hope everyone will be able to do it soon, the sooner it goes on the mail, the bigger the chances that your partner will receive it in time for Christmas :)

. Valma
. Olli
. Angel - Posted!
. Anne Fraser - Posted!
. Heather
. Gislene - Posted!
. Judith
. Joey
. Noni
. Rita
. Lentochka
. Cucki - Posted!
. Maria Ysabel
. Jules
. Natalya - Posted!
. Amber - Posted!
. Camille
. Debra Vermeulen
. Julianne

Parcels posted: 6/18

Halloween Exchange
Still waiting to hear from Deb Jochim... It's December already and Rita hasn't received anything for the Halloween exchange =/

Sal #4
There's a list on the sidebar where I was keeping track about our SAL but.. I think I'm lost :p I have 4 stitchers who completed the SAL.. anyone else? If I'm missing someone, please, let me know and I will update =)
The same for all the others SALs, check your name, let me know if I missed anything ;) Thank you!


Valma said...

My parcel left yesterday :)
I hope it will arrive safe & sound very soon =D
I'm so excited....

Hope you finally had news from Deb :-/


Olli said...

Secret Santa is on his way to.......


Debbie Vermeulen said...

OOHHH, I can't wait to see what is in that box!
My parcel is also on it's way - it should get to it's recipient before Christmas. I hope they like it. This exchange is such a lovely idea.
Nia, I will email you the photos later today. Thank you for organising.

Olimpia said...

Hi Nia,

Thanks for the followwing I can´t year have been very dificult.

Sorry :(

Stitching Noni said...

Update on SAL #4 - oops I am in the doghouse.... puppy count is the same as a couple of months ago..
Needles will start to fly again this weekend on my puppies in a brave attempt to finish them before the new year rolls around!
Hugs x