July 19, 2011

Stitching Cat

Hi Everyone

It's been some time since I last posted something.  But I've finally stitched a "stitching cat", which comes from the Margaret Sherry Alphabet, "X" for cross stitch.  But I have not stitched the "X".  I started it and finished it today!  And here it is.  You can find the chart here.

Happy Stitching Everyone



cucki said...

aww so cute..so sweet..xx

Dinny Ristinia said...

I love this one!
Cat & cross-stitch, both are my favorites! (add one more, coffee, and it'll be perfect! LOL)

BalkisMR said...

this is cute!

♥ Nia said...

Very cute!! =)
Congrats on your finish Mary Joan! :)

Lesley (Home Is Where My Heart Is) said...

So cute :)

Ana said...

Love it!!!!!! :)