May 10, 2011

My culinar cat

Hi all, I'm new here and this is my first post on this beautiful blog! (Thanks Nia for the welcome!)
Like you, I'm a MS lover and this is one of my finish: a book for a friend of mine where she can write a lot of recipes

Have a nice day!


Home is Where My Heart Is said...

Oh that is lovely :) I love the smile on his face.

♥ Nia said...

Welcome Francesca!! What a great start :D
I don't know if you have seen our SAL, some of us stitched that same cat. I did too! :) hehehe
I like the way you finished it, with the fabric as an outline! I'm making one book cover too but with ribbon instead of fabric, but that's a great idea too! Special to match with other pieces ;)

Artemania said...

Great idea. It's fantastic. Welcome to the blog.