October 28, 2010

Birthday Hedgehog

Hi Stitchers!
I have finished stitching my Birthday Hedgehog at the end of September, but then I didn’t have much time to finalize it. The chart is from CrossStitcher magazine #230 (October 2010).

I decide to give the piece to my daughter’s classmate, Siti Alifa Aulia a.k.a Ifa. She will have her birthday coming up in November 11.

After downloading the mount from this link, I decide to frame it instead of making birthday card.

It has been quite a challenge stitching this piece, because it has so many fractional cross stitches to form the flowers at the hedgehog back… My eyes really work hard… LOL…


Daniela Tavares said...

Lovely! ♥

Simone Arrais said...

Dinny, it's an amazing work! I loved! Kisses!

♥ Nia said...

Ohhhh that's lovely!! =)
I'm sure Ifa will be very happy with the gift :D
Great work ;)

Joanita said...

Very cute finish =)

Dinny Ristinia said...

Hi all..! Thanks!!!
Oh.. it's good to be back on stitching & blogging :D