September 1, 2010

Another string bag

Hi stitchers! :)
I'm happy to see that our blog is growing, followers and authors, welcome to everyone!! :D

Today I bring another string bag that I made a while ago. The chart is from Margaret Sherry's Sketchbook, you can find it on Cross Stitcher (Issue 215).

Giveaway #3

Have you ever stitched any Margaret Sherry design? If so, join us here, just send an email to ;)


Joanita said...

I love ladybugs! =)

Very pretty, Nia!!


Cidalia said...

Very cute! But when I see string i get scared lol !! Why? Cause string in french means "tanga"!! ehehe but hey, why not? lol

♥ Nia said...

Thank you Joanita! :)

Cidalia, next time I'll write 'cord' :p Lol!!

Atelier Caseiro said...

Hello! Never embroidered MS but I'm excited to start sewing this weekend. I already have all the material provided. = D