August 28, 2010

Hello world!!

I started this blog with the purpose of get all the fans of Margaret Sherry's Designs together in one place. It does not matter where you live, as long as you're a stitcher that loves the wonderful designs by Margaret Sherry :)

If you share the same passion as me, join me here! Share your love and blog about your finished projects, as well as your wips!

I hope that everyone enjoys this space, either if you are a contributor or not; may all works dazzle us :D
Have fun and happy stitching!!!


Atelier Caseiro said...

Could not fail to follow this blog cute.
Kisses for you Nia.

7 Ofícios said...

I'm here! I'm allays ready to see beautiful works!!!
Thanks Nia!

Joanita said...

Já sou uma seguidora! =)

Dinny Ristinia said...

Hi Nia
I love Margaret Sherry's design, so I'm in..!
I'm linking it to my blog, will that be OK?

♥ Nia said...

Welcome girls!! :D
Bem-vindas a todas!! :D

Cidalia said...

Great idea! Great designs! Great YOU! Isso diz-se? não faz mal passa a dizer-se =)